7 months

Last week Addison went to the Doctor for her 6 month checkup and shots. I was really excited about this appointment for one reason. That was to find out how much our little chunk weighs. It seems she is heavier and heavier on a daily basis. 

She is a whopping 19 lbs, 5 ounces, which for her age puts her in the 95th percentile. Her height is even more alarming. She is 28 inches long, which is also in the 95th percentile. Her being so long means that we need to seriously start looking at big girl car seats. She’s only two inches from outgrowing the length. These big girl car seats are so expensive! 

I’m okay with her growing so much because I know she is healthy and thriving. Everyday she is learning something new. Her latest fascination is the stairs. She can now swiftly crawl from the room in a blink of an eye and always ends up by the stairs. She likes to stand holding the railing and the steps. I have seen her figure out how to get her chunky little legs up the first step only once. Otherwise, she stands and does squats and tries to get her legs on the step. It’s pretty cute but scary. We need to invest in a baby gate very soon.

Her crawling presents new challenges of its own. Gone are the days of putting her in the room and watch her scoot from toy to toy and keep her self entertained. Now, it’s all about getting to the fireplace, the stairs, or anywhere but where she should be. I don’t mind her crawling on the tile but I worry that she will hit her head if she falls over. (She’s only done this once, but I blame Otto. He was licking her so hard that she tipped over and bumped it.)

Feeding her food has been a huge challenge for me. I want so bad for her to just eat what I put in front of her. I can still only get her to eat watermelon and banana. Even then, she likes to just smash them and make a huge mess all over herself and the floor and her highchair tray. I’ve tried apples too. I found this apple “sauce” in a package that is organic and has no dairy nuts or gluten and I thought it tasted delicious, but Addie looked at me as though I was feeding her Otto’s turds. I was bummed; I really thought she was going to eat some of it. 

I recently just got a job at Renown. I’ll be starting on September 4th. It is going to be a huge change for Addie and myself. She is a big Mommy’s girl and will have to get used to Mommy not being around during the day. She isn’t on a set schedule or anything, so I know the transition is going to be very difficult on both my Mom who will be watching her and on Addie. 

I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks and all the craziness that they will bring. And also, spending my last couple of weeks at home with my little baby girl. 🙂


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