It has been quite a long time since there has been significant snowfall here in the Reno-Tahoe region. After a series of cold streaks, the weather lately has been nothing short of a traditional fall season. Last Sunday, Reno was almost at 70 degrees. That’s crazy and ridiculous for this time of year.

All this warm weather has halted most of the snowmaking in the region. It wasn’t until Wednesday this week that temperatures decided to drop and allow for conditions that resembled those for snowmaking. The lack of weather for good snowmaking has forced resorts to delay their original opening dates.

This delay in opening is a source of frustration for both the general public who wants to ski the mountain and the management team running the mountain. Resorts rely heavily on seasonal workers to run their resorts. The constant changing of opening dates forces managers to constantly change and adjust schedules to fit with the demand and change in dates. Sometimes, things can change at the last minute but employees need to be informed and know when they will be required to work, even if it’s a call late at night letting them know of work the next day. This is a very time-consuming task but has to be done.

The changing of the opening date and pushing it back also causes the general public to be very annoyed and angry with the resort. Many people plan on starting to ski on a certain date, but when it is changed for any reason, it can make them mad and frustrated. I know that I have been asked several times this week and last when Mt. Rose is planning on opening. They have “tentative” dates set but with no snow in the forecast, it is difficult to say when and if they will get any soon.

The next week does carry some hope for opening due to the cold weather for snowmaking. Hopefully everyone is doing their snow dance and washing their cars to make this snow happen.


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