Dashing through the snow!

With most of the ski resorts in Tahoe making snow and Boreal already open, the excitement of the new season is overwhelming. Even though summer was mild and very short, it seems like forever since I’ve been skiing last.
The start of a new season is always the most exciting time. Its a time to test out the new gear that has been bought over the summer and make sure you’ve got your setups all dialed in. This time of the season is my favorite because it’s also time to start working on the mountain again.
Even though I’ve been able to work for the mountain around town, being on the mountain is really a magical place. The fresh air, the beauty, and all the snow that mother nature and the incredible snow machines have made. The excitement is also there in all the employees new and old that share the same passion for skiing and snowboarding.
This season will be a little different for me because I won’t be able to ski till March or April, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am overjoyed with the idea of being around winter and snow again. Its really a part of who I am.


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