The next assignment that we were given in my social media and branding class involves writing a review on Yelp. I haven’t had much experience with the web site except one time while I was in Palo Alto looking for Gluten Free dining. I thought the website was only for restaurants but after clicking away, there is so much more to Yelp than just restaurants.

I found reviews of ski resorts on their and wanted to see what people had to say about the ones that I frequent the most. When I pulled up the results for Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe, I saw a lot of positive results. Most of them seemed to say the same thing. They had great customer service, cheap prices and lack of a crowd compared to Northstar and Squaw.

Seeing these has me wondering if resorts pay attention to the reviews that people post on here. It would be very smart to see if there are things the resort is doing wrong or things that they are doing right. If the results are very positive, they can use this to give their employees a pat on the back or let them know that their hard work is paying off.

This tool should be used as a part of a company’s social media program. Besides looking at what people are saying on Twitter and Facebook, using sites like Yelp can allow a company to see what people liked and didn’t like and potentially find a way to resolve the problem.

Here is a link to the reviews on Mt. Rose. Enjoy!


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