A great example

To continue what I talked about yesterday, effective social media can be really positive and reap many rewards. Tonight, I joined my boyfriend at the Moment skis/Voleurz movie at the Moment ski shop. They are a local company here in Reno doing huge things in the ski industry.
Tonight is a great example of effective social media and advertising. Moment only uses word of mouth advertising. They use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to advertise upcoming events and create hype about their products. By using all they tools, they were able to gather a few hundred people in the back of the shop yard to show a movie, provide some beer and get everyone stoked about the upcoming season.
This type of advertising showcases social media at one of its finest. Without any of the social media tools, it would be a lot harder to get so many people out there to support the shop and what they are doing.
Everyone seemed happy and excited to be there. I didn’t hear one person complain despite the freezing temperatures and brutal chill in the air. It was really a great night and I hope the snow gods are kind enough to drop a little snow in the mountains to help get this upcoming season started!


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