Recent Ideas About Social Media

While reading Social Media ROI by Olivier Blanchard, it has made me think about social media differently. Many of the things he discusses are simple things that are often over looked. Like with developing a strategy for any other part of a business social media isn’t different, but yet there tends to be a lot of resistance and hesitance about starting a social media program.

In my opinion, the ski industry lacks social media game. I believe that many resorts have a “social media program” but they haven’t figured out how to be successful at it. A social media program should be more than just creating a twitter account. Setting up a Facebook page and twitter account are a great start but running them is a whole new ball game.

One example of this is Mt. Rose’s social media presence. I have worked for them for five seasons now and when I see their online presence, it makes me cringe. There twitter account puts out a lot of great tweets, but they fail to interact with those that are retweeting them or trying to establish a relationship with them. Their Facebook page does a better job of showing the interaction between between the mountain and those asking questions but it still needs help.

Blogs are one of the biggest missing components to these social media programs. A blog can be something that is really easy to update and can provide current and future guests with more information than what the main website provides. Even during the summer, a resort can keep guests informed with upcoming summer projects and what goes on during the summer time. It is something that people often ask about or wonder but never have to answer to and by simply keeping a blog with a few posts a month, it can greatly increase the online presence of a resort and possibly attract new people to the resort in the winter time.


2 thoughts on “Recent Ideas About Social Media

  1. Lauren has been working with the Mount Rose ski thing too. As it happens, I learned how to ski on Mount Rose on the Reno slash Mount Rose junior ski program.

    Small world, huh!

    The three most common challenges faced by social media efforts that I have seen when evaluating corporate strategies:

    1. The social media expert is not an expert, strategist, and/or community builder
    2. Social media is more expensive than they imagined (though it is cheap relatively speaking in comparison to traditional marketing strategies)
    3. Lack of a dedicated person or people to support customer connection, customer support, and engagement

    In my humble opinion, these are the symptoms of the failure to define mission critical objectives and realistic resources, budgets, and milestones for execution.

    Recently on my blog: Letter to Occupy Wall Street Protesters

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