How do you choose?

When choosing a resort to go to during the ski season, what makes you decide to go to a particular resort? I’ve always wondered what draws people to particular resorts, especially the ones around Lake Tahoe. Is it the spectacular views, or the massive terrain park, the history of the mountain, or is it just based on convenience or proximity to your location?

Skiing and snowboarding is not a cheap sport. If you don’t have a season pass or ticket vouchers to the resort of your choosing, it gets even more ridiculous. Living in the Reno/Tahoe area for the last 11 years has given me access to over ten resorts all within a two hour drive max, and yet I’ve only been to less than half of them. It’s really kind of sad that I haven’t been able to experience all the resorts in the area, but some of them, i have no interest in even trying to go because all I’ve heard are negative things.

Attracting new guests to a mountain is a very important thing that resorts need to do. They will only make so much on each individual pass holder. It’s all about getting more new guests to buy daily lift tickets, which hopefully turns them into lifetime customers. Especially with money being tight for a lot of families, how can resorts set themselves apart from others to gain an advantage over others?


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