Call the snow police!

Today I read an article about New Jersey passing a ski/snowboarding helmet law. This law requires that anyone who is 18 or younger must wear a helmet while skiing or snowboarding. They are the first state to pass a law like this.
A big problem I see with this is enforcement. How will the law be enforced on the mountain? Will it be the parents that are responsible for their own children or will the resort be responsible for making sure all kids have the proper helmet?

This could lead to a lot of problems for the resorts there and really hurt business. I understand the safety aspect of having children wear helmets, but is this too much? I know that when I ski I prefer to wear a helmet. I found one that is super comfortable and keeps my dome warm on those blustery days that Tahoe gets. I also have many friends that prefer not to wear helmets while riding. Its their personal choice and they understand the risks they take because of the choice they are making. I believe that it all comes down to personal choice and whether you make the decision to wear one or not, no one should tell you that you have too.

If parents really wanted their kids to wear a helmet then it will be up to them to enforce their own kids to do so. There are other things a resort can do to promote children’s safety.

Here is another great article about helmets.


One thought on “Call the snow police!

  1. Wow, I had no idea that anything like this was even on the table to be discussed. I kind of agree with you but just because I’m afraid this is a slippery slope, pretty soon it might be like the motorcycle helmet law where EVERYone must wear one. Period. I like having a choice!

    Good stuff.

    Maybe when snowboarders and skiers all have to wear helmets, snowskaters will be exempt?

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