Ski fo Free!

If you haven’t bought your pass already, or are debating whether or not to get one, why not get one for free? One of the quickest things I learned being a cheap college student is that the cheapest way to ski for free is to work at a ski resort. Plus, you can tell mom and dad you got a job in the process.

Working at a ski resort has been a life changing choice for me. I never thought that applying to work a job that paid just enough above minimum wage would be so rewarding. Besides getting a free pass and taking advantage of all the perks being an employee has to offer, (dependent passes, half-off food and drinks, discounts for other resort day tickets, the list goes on) the people you meet and the relationships that for are priceless. The opportunities that I have gotten from working at both Mt. Rose and Northstar has been immense. The networks that you can create with both fellow employees and those regular guests that always show up ten minutes before the lift turns everyday can really be beneficial.

I highly recommend that if money is tight, you are looking for a fun, exciting and easy job, then a ski resort is a great option. It is easy to work one day a week and then enjoy the rest with friends or family on the slope.

Plus, getting to know those ski patrollers always helps on a pow day when you want to be the first to get the fresh stuff in those avalanche prone areas!


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