You rock!

Providing excellent customer service is something that I consider to be an important part of sales. Especially when you are selling something that people are spending a lot of money on. Buying a season pass from a ski resort is a big decision and commitment.
Today was the last day that Mt. Rose was going to sell season passes at Bobo’s in Reno. While I had anticipated it to be a fairly busy day, I did not it expect it to be as crazy as it was. For over six hours we had a line that took at least 45 to get through. Despite the line and wait, everyone seemed to be in a good mood. Those of us working did our best to make sure everyone had all their questions answered and I didn’t hear one person complain.
All day long, I listened to guest after guest compliment all of us on how efficient our line was, how awesome it was that they could buy their pass here in town, and even how helpful each one of us was. It was really refreshing to hear that all our hard work was noticed and that people saw that we really do care about each person we help all day long. Whether you are the first guest pr the last, we strive to provide excellent service so that can never be a reason to not go back to Mt. Rose.


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