Hmmm…what to say when there isn’t much to say

This week, I’ve found it quite difficult to fond something to write about. Looking at ski headlines for the week and reading the twitter feeds, it has been really quiet.
Arapahoe Basin opened up their ski season this past Friday and Loveland opens last Thursday. Its not surprising they both opened up on consecutive days because usually one or the other opens first in the United States for the season. This year both lost to Wolf Creek who opened a solid week before they did. Not too bad for just having a little more than four feet of snow.
In other ski news, pass sales are nearing their close. Most pass deals close October 31st, although there are a few that stick around through November. Be sure to get the pass you want soon before you pay way too much for it.

And to end this practically pointless post, its probably a good idea to start checking your equipment and get it ready for the season. Take those old skis in to get the bindings off and slap them on those new skis you bought this season. Get ready to break out the winter gear too. Those mornings are getting quite chilly!


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