Ski Cruise?

At the nice age of 9, I was “lucky” enough to go on a five day cruise from San Pedro, CA to Mexico for my aunt and uncle’s wedding. We were going to be stopping in San Diego for the first day and then Catalina Island on the second day. Because I was so young, I wasn’t able to participate in all the different activities going on aboard the ship. Rather, I got to spend all day getting ready for the wedding. On top of all that, I mainly remember being so seasick at night that it was completely miserable. Being sick and in a room that is the size of a small bathroom didn’t help and from then on, I’ve never had any desire to board another cruise ship.

After surfing through my news feed on Twitter, I stumbled upon an article from Teton Gravity Research about a cruise ship that will be offering skiing while cruising through the Caribbean. It was kind of hard to believe, but after some further internet research, I was able to find out where I can book this cruise and how much it will cost per person. Only 800 Euros!

The skiing offered is 500 vertical feet on all-weather ski carpet called “Perma-Snow.” Now this doesn’t really compare to a pow day in the Sierras or Utah, but being able to ski while enjoying the views of the Ocean in the Caribbean has got to be something else. One day you can sun bathe on the deck and then next you are putting turns in all day on the “hill.” Not too shabby really.

If I were ever to decide to go on a cruise, I think this would have to be my choice. There isn’t anything like this in the world and can be a one-of-a-kind experience. I just wonder what cruise ships will think of next to attract different guests.


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