Call the snow police!

Today I read an article about New Jersey passing a ski/snowboarding helmet law. This law requires that anyone who is 18 or younger must wear a helmet while skiing or snowboarding. They are the first state to pass a law like this.
A big problem I see with this is enforcement. How will the law be enforced on the mountain? Will it be the parents that are responsible for their own children or will the resort be responsible for making sure all kids have the proper helmet?

This could lead to a lot of problems for the resorts there and really hurt business. I understand the safety aspect of having children wear helmets, but is this too much? I know that when I ski I prefer to wear a helmet. I found one that is super comfortable and keeps my dome warm on those blustery days that Tahoe gets. I also have many friends that prefer not to wear helmets while riding. Its their personal choice and they understand the risks they take because of the choice they are making. I believe that it all comes down to personal choice and whether you make the decision to wear one or not, no one should tell you that you have too.

If parents really wanted their kids to wear a helmet then it will be up to them to enforce their own kids to do so. There are other things a resort can do to promote children’s safety.

Here is another great article about helmets.


Ski fo Free!

If you haven’t bought your pass already, or are debating whether or not to get one, why not get one for free? One of the quickest things I learned being a cheap college student is that the cheapest way to ski for free is to work at a ski resort. Plus, you can tell mom and dad you got a job in the process.

Working at a ski resort has been a life changing choice for me. I never thought that applying to work a job that paid just enough above minimum wage would be so rewarding. Besides getting a free pass and taking advantage of all the perks being an employee has to offer, (dependent passes, half-off food and drinks, discounts for other resort day tickets, the list goes on) the people you meet and the relationships that for are priceless. The opportunities that I have gotten from working at both Mt. Rose and Northstar has been immense. The networks that you can create with both fellow employees and those regular guests that always show up ten minutes before the lift turns everyday can really be beneficial.

I highly recommend that if money is tight, you are looking for a fun, exciting and easy job, then a ski resort is a great option. It is easy to work one day a week and then enjoy the rest with friends or family on the slope.

Plus, getting to know those ski patrollers always helps on a pow day when you want to be the first to get the fresh stuff in those avalanche prone areas!

You rock!

Providing excellent customer service is something that I consider to be an important part of sales. Especially when you are selling something that people are spending a lot of money on. Buying a season pass from a ski resort is a big decision and commitment.
Today was the last day that Mt. Rose was going to sell season passes at Bobo’s in Reno. While I had anticipated it to be a fairly busy day, I did not it expect it to be as crazy as it was. For over six hours we had a line that took at least 45 to get through. Despite the line and wait, everyone seemed to be in a good mood. Those of us working did our best to make sure everyone had all their questions answered and I didn’t hear one person complain.
All day long, I listened to guest after guest compliment all of us on how efficient our line was, how awesome it was that they could buy their pass here in town, and even how helpful each one of us was. It was really refreshing to hear that all our hard work was noticed and that people saw that we really do care about each person we help all day long. Whether you are the first guest pr the last, we strive to provide excellent service so that can never be a reason to not go back to Mt. Rose.

Safety Magnets?

New technology is always something that resorts try to offer their guests. I never thought magnets would be considered a “new technology.” Last season Alpine Meadows was the first resort to introduce the Magnestick electromagnetic seat back to two of their chairlifts. How does this magnet work exactly? Well each child wears a special vest and when they get onto the chairlift with the technology, the magnet connect and keep the child safely on the chairlift for the duration of the ride. When the chair approaches the unload station, the magnet deactivates and allows the child to get off the chair just like anyone else. At Alpine, every child enrolled in their ski school program wears one of these vests and utilizes the technology. Homewood, is now the second resort in North America to install this technology into one of their chairs to use this season.

I think this is something that more resorts should be looking into. Safety is a huge priority for resorts and keeping children safe on the ski hill is key. Being a lift operator for the past four seasons and shown me just about every way a child can slip out of a chair. They are so tiny and just that little bit of help could help them from sliding out of the chair and ruining their day.

Also, kids tend to slide out of chairs even with their parents right next to them. It might be in the middle of a lift so no operators can see what happened. With the electromagnets in place, this could help parents who might be juggling two children at once or just give them that added peace of mind.

I hope that other resorts in Tahoe will take action to promote the safety of children on chairlifts.

Hmmm…what to say when there isn’t much to say

This week, I’ve found it quite difficult to fond something to write about. Looking at ski headlines for the week and reading the twitter feeds, it has been really quiet.
Arapahoe Basin opened up their ski season this past Friday and Loveland opens last Thursday. Its not surprising they both opened up on consecutive days because usually one or the other opens first in the United States for the season. This year both lost to Wolf Creek who opened a solid week before they did. Not too bad for just having a little more than four feet of snow.
In other ski news, pass sales are nearing their close. Most pass deals close October 31st, although there are a few that stick around through November. Be sure to get the pass you want soon before you pay way too much for it.

And to end this practically pointless post, its probably a good idea to start checking your equipment and get it ready for the season. Take those old skis in to get the bindings off and slap them on those new skis you bought this season. Get ready to break out the winter gear too. Those mornings are getting quite chilly!

Taking Advantage of Student Status

It’s crunch time trying to figure out what season pass to get. I wanted check out what pass deals the resorts around Tahoe were offering and see what deals were best.

Mt. Rose: Mt. Rose has $199 College pass that they are offering that is completely unlimited. There are no blackout dates. All you need is a student ID.

Squaw: Squaw Valley offers a $349 college season pass. This gives access to both Alpine and Squaw. The black out dates are Dec. 26th-31st, Jan. 14th-15th, and Feb. 18th-19th. They require proof of student status. Here is what their website states, “Must be full time College Student (12 credits or more) during the 2011-2012 Winter Season. Must bring current school photo ID, copy of course registration, and an official signed letter from school registrar stating full- time status at an accredited college to pick up pass.

Northstar/Heavenly: The  College Tahoe Value Pass offers 7 days a week of skiing at Heavenly and Sunday to Friday at Northstar for $299. All you need is a current transcript and college ID. There are blackout dates for both passes.

Sugar Bowl: Sugar Bowl offers a $349 season pass for college students. They require you to be enrolled in a minimum of 9 credits at a college or university and you must provide proof of enrollment. The blackout dates include: 12/26/11 – 1/1/12, 1/14 – 1/15/12, & 2/18 – 2/19/12.

Sierra-at-Tahoe: Their college pass is priced at $279 and you only have to be enrolled in 6 credits! Not a bad deal. And an added bonus for this college pass is there are no blackout dates!

Boreal: Boreal’s season pass is a very cheap $99, but it is only a Monday-Friday season pass. Holidays are included but weekends are not. Like Squaw, Boreal requires a student id, schedule and a note from the registrar proving current enrollment in 9 credits.

Kirkwood/Alpine/Homewood Triple Threat Pass: There are two options here. There is a $199 Monday-Friday pass and a $329 unlimited pass. While the pass says it is “unlimited” dont think you’ve got a pass valid every day all winter. here are the blackout dates for both.

“Unlimited Triple Threat season passes are not valid at Alpine Meadows and Homewood Mountain Resorts on the following days during winter 2011-2012: Dec. 26-31, 2011; Jan. 14-15, 2012; and Feb. 18-19, 2012. Unlimited Triple Threat season passes are valid every day including holidays at Kirkwood Mountain Resort.”

“Limited Triple Threat season passes are not valid at Alpine Meadows, Homewood and Kirkwood Mountain Resorts on the following days during winter 2011-2012: all Saturdays and Sundays; Dec. 26-31, 2011; Jan. 14-16, 2012; and Feb. 18-20, 2012.”

Homewood: They currently do not offer a college pass.

There are a lot of great offers around Tahoe. With all these choices it’s tough to say which one is best. It all depends on when and where you want to ski.


Local Stoke

Want to get to know who’s behind Moment Skis? Tonight, 10/08, in Sparks at their factory Moment will be hosting a party to show off their new factory expansion and play two killer ski movies from this year. The two movies that are playing are Set Your Sights, by Toy Soldier Productions, and After Dark by Level 1.

The event starts at 7pm but if you get their earlier, you can take a tour of the factory and learn how the skis are handmade and made with all-American materials. After you get a tour, there will be $1 beers courtesy of Great Basin Brewing Company and tons of free swag from many local vendors including Mt. Rose, GoPro, Alpine Meadows, High Fives Foundation and Full Tilt.

So if you’re not going to the UNR vs. UNLV game then come on down and hang out with some of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet and meet some pro skiers!!

Their address is 1060 Marietta Way Sparks, NV.