Falling Into Winter

It’s the second day of fall and the weather was absolutely perfect. The thunderstorms that rolled in cooled the night up real nice. Because of this I felt it was quite appropriate to put a ski movie into the DVD player and end the night with skiing on the brain.

While watching the movie, I couldn’t help but think about how much advertising these movies do for backcountry ki companies and all the ski resorts featured. I know that seeing some of these places in the movie really make me want to go there to check it out and see what they are all about. I also wondered how these ski companies decide which mountains to film at and which ones not to. It always tends to be the same handful of resorts but what about all the smaller, awesome mountains around the country and world. We never see mountains like Mission Ridge in Washington, or Homewood in California in any of the films. Both mountains have incredible terrain and get plenty of snow every year. It’s a shame that only resorts like Jackson Hole or Breckenridge get all the attention.

Hopefully in the future, smaller resorts will get the attention they deserve so that they can benefit from the free advertising and stoke that these very popular ski movies have to offer.


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