First Time for Everything

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to start working at Mt. Rose earlier than I normally would. They needed employees to work the Bobo’s Labor Day Sale. In the past, I’ve only ever worked at Mt. Rose as a lift operator, so I while I have the customer service experience, I definitely lacked the sales experience.

I have tried to stay away from any sales job because I hate going to stores or to the bank and listening to the person try to sell me something. It gets really annoying really fast, but I figured I would give it a shot and try it out. We were given a brief training the day before the sale started and were told to look online for all the other information we would need for the pass sale and the other offers Mt. Rose had for the guests this season.

Day one came and went by like a whirlwind. It was a piece of cake! Selling the products and working the computers was a breeze. I absolutely loved it. Getting to talk to all the customers and convince them to buy passes if they were reluctant was so fun. I think because I’m so passionate about the mountain and skiing, I want everyone else to experience the same.

Sales jobs are crucial for Ski Industry Management because every mountain needs someone that will be able to sell the mountain and all the big group ticket packages. I knew the old sales manager at Mt. Rose and she loved her job. She got to ski around with prospective clients, and do whatever else was necessary to sell the mountain. I think I’ll keep an open mind to this position for a future career.


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